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20 tips to prolong the life of your vehicle

Everyone desires a car that will last long. There are a few easy actions you can do to increase the likelihood that your motor will live to a ripe old age.

1. Maintain the battery in your vehicle.

The battery in your automobile will deteriorate and run out of power if it is not used for an extended length of time. If your automobile is kept in a garage for an extended period of time, think about using a trickle charger to keep the battery charged or a battery conditioner if it seems to hold a charge less than usual.

2. Consistently replace filters

Regularly replacing your car’s oil filter and air filter is crucial since they silt up over time. They ought to be changed as part of routine auto maintenance.

3. Travel safely

Driving with mechanical empathy is a skill that you should always work on. That entails operating your car’s controls while being aware of how they operate.

4. Make use of the cooling system

Over time, air conditioning systems inherently leak refrigerant gas, especially if they aren’t utilized frequently. You might save fuel by turning off your air conditioning.

5. Change the leads and spark plugs.

Another simple task you can complete on your own to improve the performance of your engine is replacing spark plugs and high-tension leads.

6. Frequently replenish your fluids

Your car depends on its fluids, therefore running low on them could have disastrous results. Replace any oil that is dark or soiled.

7. Verify your tires.

It’s not hyperbole to claim that checking your tires often, or once a week, could save your life. Tires are arguably the most crucial safety feature of your car.

8. Maintain the service timetable

Your car needs routine maintenance to remain in good shape and last a long time.

9. Maintain the cover

Most vehicles these days are kept on a driveway or a road since they are larger and more corrosion-resistant. To keep your vehicle clean and secure, always keep it covered.

10. Maintain a healthy weight

To improve miles per gallon and meet emission standards, automakers are continuously seeking for methods to lighten the load on their vehicles. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for you to minimize the weight your car carries wherever possible.

11. Rustproof your vehicle.

Metal corrosion is the biggest killer of vehicles made in the 1990s or earlier, even if modern cars are quite resistant to it. Before having your car properly resprayed, cover any exposed bodywork where you notice rust patches with touch-up paint.

12. Refuse to change what you are doing.

Your car’s reliability and lifespan are likely to suffer if you modify it. The other parts are put under higher stress when the engine is tuned for increased power.

13. Steer clear of bumpy roads and potholes.

Poorly maintained roadways can have sharp edges that can cause sidewall bulges, tread separation, and in certain circumstances, deflated tires, it is preferable to travel on roads with smoother surfaces wherever possible.

14. Instead of downshifting, use your brakes to slow down.

When you drive, especially at higher speeds, using your gears to brake might reduce the life of your engine. If you downshift many times, the damage will be significantly greater.

15. Keep your vehicle spotless.

This lengthens the lifespan of your car by keeping it clear of dirt and debris.

16. Avoid placing your hand on the gearstick and your foot on the clutch.

Some motorists have a tendency to operate the vehicle with the clutch pedal depressed. As a result, excessive friction is created when the clutch release bearing is pushed into contact with the clutch cover.

17. Avoid running out of fuel

Your gasoline pump will try to start your automobile by drawing on air, debris, and sediment from the fuel tank’s bottom when you run out of fuel.

18. Avoid skimping on parts

Using original parts may end up saving you money over time. Using genuine parts is essential for maintaining future value, especially when it comes to historic autos.

19. Immediately check your warning lights.

It can be simple to overlook warning lights. However, ignoring issues could result in your car’s early demise.

20. Conduct basic and frequent inspections

Making easy, routine checks is one of the best methods to extend the life of your car. As humans, we need to regularly evaluate our health and the same goes for our vehicles.

Try these tips and see your car last longer!

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